Redefining the way teachers teach and students learn.

nSlate will lead the biggest transformation in education through touch-screen technology and new generation of rich digital content.

nSlate is a ‘revolutionary’ tablet that transforms learning. It allows the student to take inclass experience anywhere, anytime without limiting learning within the school day.

Being much lighter than a laptop, nSlate tablet gives access to a wide range of digital study materials making learning and knowledge available at the fingertips.

Digital Curriculum
with Fascinating Rich Content

Tech book


3D Video

Concept Map


Cool Facts

Critical Thinking


Our core digital curriculum and 3D content bring life to lessons for students. Developed through a unique collaboration of leading Olympiad and e-techno academics, lifelong educators, world-class technologies and globally experienced content developers, nSlate inspires students to work harder and aim higher.

nSlate strengthens teachers with new ways to truly personalise learning. All nSlate learning solutions are designed specifically with competitive exams and college readiness in mind.

nSlate design offers tools that enhance student learning, improve
engagement and motivation, and increase test scores. Students love using nSlate.

B. Vijaya Saradhi - Olympiad Physics Teacher


The more teachers understand how each student is learning, the better they can personalise instruction. Our real-time assessment tools give teachers instant feedback on each student, group and class level of understanding during a given lesson.

Digital assessments

All our assessments are in digital form for repetitive practices that enable students achieve high proficiency. The scores are shown in real time for students to get performance feedback instantly.

Create, review and distribute

Our robust assessment-building platform OQB lets teachers create, review and distribute assessments. Through an intuitive web interface, teachers can create quizzes or tests containing a mix of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer and essay questions. Assessments are scored automatically and the results are available for analysis for all – teacher, student and parent.

Comfort levels

nSlate analytics provide teachers quick access to the students performance data of a lesson giving them an overview of the student’s understanding of the lesson to see if student needs help or don’t follow it.

Use of nSlate enables higher order thinking skills. It provided me with individualised learning opportunities that improved my performance.

G. Charan Reddy - Class IX

Analytics & Reports

nSlate data tools give comprehensive and important data analytics to monitor progress of a student towards desired outcomes. Data is generated in a variety of formats, often real-time or nearly-now, to track and monitor learning progress, view multiple level reports - student, group and class.

nSlate provides analytics, feedback, reports, assessment tools, dashboards, alerts and more.


nSlate offers teachers rich media and digital content to deliver teaching with added value. Teachers will also be able to conduct classroom better by easily posting assignments, tests and gauging how well their students performed in real time. These conveniences free them to concentrate more on teaching and less on paper work.


Students love to work on the nSlate because of the engaging interface, immersive digital class material, and real-time assessment module offering all types of students an equal learning environment. nSlate provides students the virtual teacher, encourages active learning attitude, gives prompt feedback, emphasises time on task and different ways of learning.


Parents too love nSlate for its high value of learning and performance. Its portable learning, enhanced class curriculum with multiple digital objects such as 3D videos, concept maps and cool facts, supported by unique technology to create actionable insights about child’s progress – all that are needed for parents confidence and comfort about child’s education.

Educational Tablet

No social media. No business apps. Just education.


With our powerful educational software, students gain a mobile learning device that is organised around their class lessons and work. Teachers can easily plan lessons, prepare assignments, push notifications, share multimedia resources and quickly check students’ level of understanding and performance.


nSlate is a world-class branded tablet that is customised to our institution needs. The device is dedicated for educational purpose only and does not provide access to other social media or net sites. Its lightweight and technology features make the device user friendly with excellent battery life.

Easy User Inteface Design

nSlate’s simple and easy-to-use interface allows students to access their lessons and related material in a familiar way. They can make notes, highlight text, do a search, find definitions – all with touch technology that help them organize their study.

Anytime, Anywhere

Education with nSlate happens on your time, at your pace. Students can read text material, do worksheets anywhere: backyard, couch, car, play field…after school, during break or while on travel.
With no need for Wi-Fi or data connectivity.

Seamless integration

nSlate is personalised for its individual user with preloaded class material and curriculum aligned digital content. The device connects directly with the school information server on school’s Wi-Fi enabling teaching and learning happen right out of the device.

Customer Support

nSlate has service level agreements with the device supplier for any technical issues with the tablet. Users of nSlate can call our service department at 1-800-102-3344. The call is free and a dedicated user support team will handle your queries.