Redefining the way teachers teach
and students learn.

About Us

nSlate is the frontrunner in digital learning space offering an array of knowledge application tools. Students can now take digital learning experience from anywhere, anytime without limiting their classroom learning. nSlate delivers a wide range of digital study materials such as rapid assessment, simulations, visualizations, games, annotation technology, and videos to provide a richer learning environment for students to understand the concepts vibrantly.


Fascinating Rich Content

Our core digital curriculum and 3D content brings life to lessons for students. We develop content through a unique collaboration of leading Olympiad and e-techno academics, lifelong educators, world-class technologies and globally experienced content developers.

nSlate strengthens students with new ways to truly personalise learning. Our learning solutions are designed specifically with competitive exams and college readiness in mind.

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Expert Study

Instead of derived from usability tests, Our expert study is derived from app UX best practices; auditing learning apps; Android and iOS visual languages and guidelines; secondary research; etc.


Platform & Variety

Our platforms & variety are the fact that nSlate exhibits a far larger variable between other apps satisfying the same use case but in either a more utilitarian (e.g. search) or experiential (e.g. discover) way.



The KPIs and metrics highlighted in nSlate are designed to indicate what you ’could’ measure, to stimulate debate, in order for you to define exactly what you ‘should’ measure for specific learning context.

About Nspira

nSlate is a new age digital learning solution developed by Nspira.


We are a team of highly motivated and well experienced professionals with combined hands-on management experience in learning & development, with specific focus on the digital learning segment.


We are focused on guiding and handholding budding businesses scale up their current operations with emphasis on achieving business excellence by leveraging technology, learning & development.


Our numerous years of proven experience in educational space, learning and development with quality education equips us with extensive and in-depth know-how needed to empower diverse segments.