Purpose & Use

Students today are ‘digital natives’ and it is important to engage them through means and mediums that they are comfortable with. nSlate is developed as a full-fledged digital system that delivers learning experience to the students and connects them to the teachers for a variety of classroom experiences. nSlate will help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to responsibly navigate through the emerging modern world. Competitive exams are getting into digital form and teaching students in similar environment is necessary. The objective is to leverage the latest technologies to have learning on fingertips for successful performance.

nSlate has been equipped with many resources that are helpful for both inside and outside the classroom learning.

Yes offcourse, students and parents can experience nSlate usability at their school branch. On being satisfied of its resourcefulness, parents and students can opt to buy nSlate voluntarily.
No, nSlate is a dedicated educational tablet. It cannot be used for the above purposes. nSlate is used only for educational purposes.
After purchase the student owns it. It is a one-time purchase. The content is updated every year with a minimum subscription pay.
You can submit nSlate to Help Desk at our administrative office to unlock the device, erase the content and restore functions as any other regular tablet.
nSlate has been equipped with resources that are helpful for both inside and outside classroom learning environment. It is an option with the teacher as how he/she would coach students to use the content.
Yes, we do have a heavy-duty net connectivity and Wi-Fi access points at all our locations. Our connectivity bandwidth is flexible and increases on the demand with additional controllers for redundancy.
For price, please check your school location or call at our toll free number.
Purchasing nSlate is offered as an additional option, while purchasing printed textbook material remains mandatory.
No, the cost of nSlate & annual fee is (per) student wise.
All the usage information is stored in nSlate. Just click on the top left most burger icon to get detailed information on the tab usage and test scores. Refer user guide for further reference.
Hardware / Software FAQs
No, other tablet available in market will not work as a replacement for nSlate. nSlate has a dedicated education resource, it works on Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that allows students to access only educational content.
The student can purchase nSlate again, it is solely the responsibility of student to keep it safe and secure.
A student can bring nSlate to the Help Desk for any damage, the Help Desk can further guide as what should be done. However, nSlate is solely a student’s property after purchase, hence any damage caused shall be borne by the student.
Student should bring it to the Help Desk at the administrative office. Alternatively, parents can call on the Toll Free Number 1-800-102-3344 for further guidance.
Generally, it would take 3-7 working days. Repair time is subjected to the complexity of the problem and the workload at the Help Desk.
Meanwhile, student will have the regular printed textbooks and will take regular OMR based tests. This will not affect the student’s classes or learning.
Internet Related FAQs
All the textbooks are preloaded into a SD card present in the tablet to access offline learning. Any function that involves sending/receiving data to the tablet requires internet connection, such as downloading weekly scheduled tests, to submit the test answers and download solutions & analytics.
Yes, students can gain access to any wireless network by using the connection software installed. It’s the same way to access wi-fi network with any similar mobile device.
Yes, students can carry their nSlate to the “Help Desk” at the administrative office or call the Toll Free Number at 1-800-102-3344 from 9am to 5pm on regular school days. Students are also availed with FAQs on nSlate portal for basic troubleshooting.
Students who are using nSlate will be expected to take weekly test on nSlate and not through OMR sheet. Therefore, it is mandatory that students carry their nSlate to schools on the days of weekly tests. However, Students can use nSlate for learning both at school and at home. It is to the discretion of students to bring nSlate to school every day.
No, the use of nSlate will be solely at the teacher’s discretion depending on the subject matter and day’s lesson plan.
Students are encouraged to charge their nSlate at home. Under normal school usage, the long-life batteries can support up to a day.
Yes. Each nSlate is protected with an anti-virus software.
No, the MDM software in nSlate will restrict installation of any outside software or games. nSlate is purely for academic purpose.
Technical FAQs
Click on the top left most burger icon and access profile tab to obtain user profile information such as user name, institution, nSlate ID etc.
Go to settings > click Wi-Fi in settings then turn on the Wi-Fi. It will show the SSID, click on SSID and enter the password. Check in notification bar for the “Internet Available” message.
In nSlate, the files (digital curriculum + digital content) are stored on the SD card. Student annotations and notes are stored in the internal storage of the device. The assessments pushed to the student device are also stored in the internal storage of the device. A copy of any content or assessment pushed to the student device from the portal will be maintained in the cloud. However, personal notes taken by students don’t have backup.
In an event of hardware failure, the device may need to be re-flashed or re-formatted.
No. nSlate will stay with the student and any problem or damage that require replacement will be subjected to warranty and school’s discretion.
The student should communicate the same to school authority and can request for a replacement of SD card. However, students have to pay for the replacement.
Firstly, check if the user id/password is correct, if the error persists contact Help Desk or call Toll Free Number.
Ensure you are connected to the Internet. Click on Inbox icon at the top right most corner and then click on ‘Download’ button to download any published content or test.
Keep calm, don’t disconnect the Internet connection or move out of Wi-Fi zone while the content is being downloaded. If the problem still persists, please contact Help Desk or call Toll Free Number.
Disconnect Wi-Fi and connect again. You can see the downloading starts and it changes the content status to view. If the problem still persists, please contact Help Desk or call Toll Free Number.
Contact the Principal or Help Desk at school or nSlate Head Quarter support team will reach to you.