Smart Learning

Differential learning tailored for every mind.


nSlate provides assessments as digital modules for repetitive practices that enable students to achieve high proficiency.


Gamification in nSlate is fast emerging as an effective technique to actively engage learners and bring clarity about concepts.

Adaptive Learning

Not every student learns the same way and at the same rate. nSlate encourages learning pathways to suit every individual.

Virtual Lab Experiments

nSlate enable assessments through virtual labs for better understanding the experiment and improving the interpreting skills.

Hybrid Approach

nSlate offers a good blend of digital content resources and a great amount of exibility to students.


nSlate introduces a rich structure for digital learning visioning, planning, and implementation focused on comprehensive personalized student’s Learning.


Learning available at your fingertips.


With our customised software, students gain learning experience that is organised around their class lessons and access to a wide range of digital study materials.

Easy Interface

nSlate’s simple and easy-to-use interface allows students to access a good blend of digital resources and a great amount of exibility.

Seamless integration

nSlate is personalised for every individual user with preloaded class material and curriculum enabling teaching and learning happen right out of the device.


nSlate is dedicated for educational purpose and does not provide access to any social media or blogs. Our technology features the device with excellent usability.

Anytime, Anywhere

Education with nSlate happens on your time, at your pace, during break or while on travel, even without Wi-Fi or any network connectivity.

Customer Support

Users of nSlate can call our service department at 1800-102-3344. The call is free and a dedicated customer support team will resolve your queries.

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