shall we=code()lets.learn[to.code] - 50th Year of Children Coding “LOGO”

Posted : 05-Dec-2017

It has been 50 years since children programming languages were introduced. Interestingly, the first coding program for kids “logo” (not an acronym) but an educational programming language was developed and designed in 1967 by Seymour Papert and researchers at MIT way before the personal computers were introduced. Logo gave way the children an opportunity to program and control the movements of a turtle which allowed them to explore ideas in math and science; it can also be understood as the beginning of STEM curriculum. Thinking forward Papert and his colleagues, realised the importance of computing system; and with time evolved as an instrumental tool for children to learn new things.


While Indian classrooms, gives much emphasis on factual knowledge about computers rather than teaching coding which can trigger interests among children enthusiast who are lacking the basic coding skills. It is not that Indian kid’s curriculum is devoid of computer education, most of the primary and upper primary school students dabble with computer name games, while coding language such as BASIC. HTML, C, C++, Python, Ruby etc are introduced quite late in higher secondary and college level. However, we are finding that trends are changing off late. Study tells that by 2020, there will be additional 10 lakh computer science jobs than qualified candidates.


Learning code can all be fun and the most rewarding option soon, there going to be a rush and demand for coders; researchers also found coding can actually foster skill sets such as logical thinking, prioritising tasks and planning.


Best 5 ways how learning coding can help:


  • Coding will teach you patience and persistence, coding often requires a lot of tweaking and fixes; it delivers the right message that a problem must be always solved!


  • Coding builds confidence. Coding teaches resourcefulness and always creating a solution.


  • Coding fosters creativity in many ways including the whole brain thinking approach combining art and science.


  • Coding makes learning math much easier, younger coders can visualise and learn math concepts effectively.


  • It can lead a world of possibilities for you, understanding how a computer works, means you can create a n app, games and make major career moves.



The blog is written on account of 50 years of children programming language “LOGO”. Three teams including that of google doodle Google Blockly and Researchers from MIT worked together produced Google Doodle, which showcases a rabbit on a hunt for carrots in the form of a programming language for kids. 




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