Mobile Learning a game changer!

Posted : 21-Nov-2017

The education system in India is one of the oldest, it belongs from a very ancient age. Nevertheless, the relics of a predominant education is still felt with obsolete rigid examination models, rote learning and notably an inadequate infrastructural facility that runs almost everywhere. The worst hit is the rural population, deprived of value added education system. That puts us into a lot of stress, the average Indian classroom does not meet the foundational level, consequently, the students’ interest begins to wane, the only option left is falling back to rote learning; the only option offered.


Enabling a robust personalised approach to learning remains to be the need of hour. The only means of doing it is incorporating technology in education, the benefits of merging technology in education can allow students to learn at their own pace and its seamlessly efficient.


The penetration of mobile learning is the answer


Statistics tells that mobile penetration in our country is the most impressive in the world, with over 300 million people accessing the internet; a number that is expected to reach 550 million by 2018. The Internet and Mobile Association of India points out that 77 percent of urban users and 92 percent of rural users consider mobile as the primary device for accessing the internet. By taking the data, we can be quite sure that m-learning is the next big revolution model in education.


Ed-tech platforms are finding new ways to leverage the potential of m-learning. The role of the big data and machine learning are among the platforms adding to adaptive learning. Integration of SD card, micro card with robust curriculum can take the reach of mobile learning to far-furlong areas where student can access to rich visual learning content   


By opening a range to mobile based learning students can get all the personal attention they want. Ed-tech companies are catering to such individual needs, empowering students to sustain their own development. The bigger idea is to keep the student motivated and access quality based education.


The concepts of learning are changing, like all evolving technologies, m-learning is also gaining much momentum. The consuming of educational content on smartphones is catching up fast. With mindset changing the urban and the rural cluster, parents and students will begin to use it to its advantage within a very short period.


Why online platforms can be a game changer


Mobile platforms are meaningfully changing teaching and learning standpoints in India. With all academic information available on the web, the requirement of a quality infrastructure will not be that big a hindrance. Student can get in touch with the subject matter expert for any in-depth elucidation. Students can now perform anywhere may it be in school, board or other entrance examinations.  


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