Reason why play sports

Posted : 28-Aug-2017

The first good thing about sports education is that it makes the children physically fit. A physically fit body will pave its way to a healthy mind always. Outdoor sports activities help students to concentrate on their studies and boosts mental and cognitive development also. Sports education is a curriculum and instruction model designed to impart physical education programs at the upper elementary, middle and high school level.


With the growing digital education in K12 segment there has been a great improvement among students when it comes to learning and retaining knowledge but somewhere the sports education has taken a back seat. Academic learning and sports education have always been the two sides of the same coin. Sports education invokes a degree of self-discipline, punctuality and works on developing the personality of students.

Sports supports students to grow all round and is an integral part of any education system. Interestingly, if you take the basics of Maths, Physics, Geography you will not be surprised that many of these principles are applied when you are in a sports activity. Incorporating sports education in school curriculum can help students learn the basic lessons of life.

For an example winning a game could be a lesson of determination for a student, it teaches those lessons such as of obedience, the strength of mind and order. Sports education is like the pillar that supports the overall mind and body. Because of this very reason, sports education alongside with academics can deliver a comprehensive personality and a great career. Institutions should come forward and provide world-class facilities to their students to encourage the spirit of sports hidden in them. Educational institutions play a very key role to encourage sports in children. In fact, the growing trend is that parents are more and more supporting their children to join sporting activities that they love to pursue. Fortunately, quite a number of schools and institutions in Hyderabad are working to establishing a state-of-art sporting complex with a variety of sports activity available on the campus.

The government is also now concentrating, and taking up the enterprises in providing sports infrastructure, coaching and monetary support to the people with promises packed to win medals for the country. In order to have a greater impact, it all has to begin from school only then the best talent can shine in the sporting world.



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