Featuring Tablets in Edtech & top 5 uses

Posted : 24-Oct-2017

Over years tablets have captured the market significantly and has become the fastest growing segment in the mobile device category. People of all ages are finding something interesting while using a tablet. Let's see what makes  tablet so special?

Tablet offers a new world of opportunities to people who have not been trained on personal computers or Macs and have a fear to operate them. Tablets are also computers while they make interactions intuitive and easy.  The new generation windows convertibles or the hybrid tablet which can be used as laptops comes in a brand new Avatar. Even at learning or work, it can do every task efficiently. For more ‘serious’ ‘heavy duty’ work needs, tablets are merging with desktops and laptops to present completely a powerful digital experience. As a result a lot of computing, especially at home are shifting to tablets.

Tablet for digital learning

The use of tablets can be seen with many advantages, the device not only gives you an access to the internet, but also serves as a companion you can now read e-books, or address a quick presentation, the mobility of a tablet is all that makes a difference. Intersetingly, the use of tablets have been very instrumental in educational institutions, pre-loaded curriculum are offered to students so that they can experience offline learning at the comfort of their home with quality videos and graphics. Tablet also offers portability and multi-functionality for different learning needs. The personalised content and practice activities facilitates the use of collaborative information-sharing platforms.

You can read out these best 5 features of a tablet

1. Portability: A tablet offers great portability, you can carry it everywhere business meetings, digital learning, seminars; one can carry it for playing games, and we know gamifications are in fact a unique way that students learn.

2. Can use it as a E-Book Reader: You can use your tablet as an E-reader book, student can complete their chapters, and enjoy reading novels.

3. It’s Very Functional device: These portable devices make it easy to take most of what is in one’s PC with them where ever they go. Tablet users are never more than a few taps away from writing an email, chatting on Skype or searching the Internet to get information for their next big project.

4. A powerful device for Social Networking: As tablets can connect to the internet, one can use the network applications to connect to family or use other social media applications for information and entertainment.

5. A tablet is always affordable. In the beginning when tablets were introduced the price factor was a concern, tablets used to be  expensive toys  and there were only few companies in the market offering tablets, but now you can buy a good configured tablet with a very competitive price range.


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