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Posted : 10-Dec-2017

We know that you can do it for an uncompromised career. To get into the best academic institution and build a strong foundation one has to begin with high school if not early. Every year lakhs of student appear in prestigious Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) to get admission in Indian Institute of Technology one of the toughest entrance exams in India, but sadly, only a handful of students can make it. Well, this is not a cake walk, out of 11-12 lakhs of aspirants only 2.24 lakh candidates can walk towards their career destination, while the rest awaits the next session or choose other career options. 

But you can do better than you know, provided if you believe in yourself. All you have to do is to convert the advance worrying into advance planning and workable strategies to determine a rank in JEE.


IIT JEE syllabus: What should I study?


Remember! that you may have been a topper in your class or belonged to the top 10% of the class, but here you are preparing for IIT-JEE and the competition is huge, so you need to seriously scale up your efforts. Target a 50-55 hours studies at home every week and scaling up step by step would help.

As an aspiring IIT-JEE you have to go through the syllabus judiciously to one’s mind and understand the important aspects of the chapters in details

Time management is very important, ensure that the syllabus of all the subjects is covered in time to avoid clashes.

Gather or buy the best and relevant study material and reference books, they come with a guide to previous years question papers or a series of mock test papers to practice. 

Below is a sample, please click the link to find all the details related to Syllabus (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of IIT-JEE 2017 JEE Main and JEE Advanced:





Opting for IIT JEE coaching classes

Students can also opt for coaching classes which can turn out to be a better idea because they can access a broader range of materials and advanced coaching programs are also being offered. You can also get learning tips from ex-IITians with years of industry experiences. These days you have this quality IIT-JEE coaching accessible through online; convenient as it is after school hours.

Special classes are also being arranged on one-to-one interaction for any doubts that the aspirants come up with.



Understanding JEE Mains & Advanced?

They are both inter-related but with some differences, firstly, JEE Mains examines only the speed of aspirants, whereas JEE advanced is for both speed and accuracy. JEE Main consists of MCQs whereas questions in JEE Advanced are of objective type and the syllabus topics are more at an advanced level. An aspirant can take the mains only 3 times in his lifetime while advanced can be attempted 2 times in consecutive years. The score of JEE Main is essential for getting admission into the 4-year degree courses of science and engineering institutions such as NITs, IIITs and other government colleges in India. Now, only those who qualify JEE Main are entitled to appear for JEE Advanced. The candidates who further clear JEE Advanced are then entitled to admission to engineering programs offered by the world-renowned IITs.



So, are you ready to take the challenge?

Aspirants, IIT JEE is an entrance exam based on problem-solving. Much of the time should be spent on problem-solving as this will allow students to understand the subject better. Let’s break it up into steps:

Understanding and attempting the problem – Try to understand the problem, take 5 to 20 minutes, if you possibly feel that you are on the right track refer the solution and see for yourself.


You can mark the difficulty levels for your reference & break it into 4 levels

  1. Easy level
  2. Moderate
  3. Difficult (consuming much of time, but finally could get it convincingly)
  4. Very-Difficult (skip this, for the time being, they can bring your confidence down)


The next thing is the Speed; try to be little fast in solving the questions that will boost your writing speed.

Focus on Accuracy, try to be accurate as much as a possible target that today I will not commit any mistakes.

Concentration while taking the tests regularly your concentration level should increase, keep away your cell phones, do not respond to doorbells or any other disturbances, take no breaks just concentrate.  

Review your performance This is the most crucial part if you have solved your questions with ease you are on a way to mastering it, well done! but by any chance, if you are struggling with 60 to 70 you need to repeat the test.

A good planning, positive approach and the right study plan will ensure a successful path in IIT JEE 


Best of Luck!










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