Paperless classroom - The future is here

Posted : 03-Aug-2017

We're not talking about,Not using a book,An absolute ban, Please don't hate paper. Nothing more can excite the kid living in your next door!Introducing digital content in a classroom is an easy way to put an end to papers in a classroom. Text books and printing costs a fortune. Frugally, digitalizing a classroom cuts the expenditure, moreover, the use of mobile devices and computer makes learning in classrooms a wonderful experience for students and teachers.The first thing that the teachers and students experience in a paperless classroom is access to real-time communication. Teachers can now effortlessly interact with students and parents as well. Tools like voice messages, voice mail and loads of other interactive software tools can deliver messages anywhere. Students can collaborate with each other by using google apps such as spreadsheets, presentation, documents, drawing, forms and much more. Teachers can plan lessons by using google forms.

A good Learning Management System is the heart-line of a paperless classroom. Teachers can create, assign, and grade assignments online. With LMS, teachers can say goodbye to those endless stacks of papers.

A paperless classroom is a hotspotfor creativity. Creating a paperless classroom offers unlimited resources, a choice to new assignments formats Students gets a chance to showcase their talent.

With the power of internet, the world is in your palm. A classroom can be connected to another classroom in another city. Students, teachers can share their learnings, collaborate on lessons and know about each other's community, society and culture.

Also, creating an online hub with a centralized website has great benefits for posting links to important sites, engaging and explaining content, exhibiting studentswork and assigning activity. In a nutshell, a paperless classroom can contribute a better Learning facilitated by technology.

Coming to feedback students can review where they have gone wrong; come prepared to the next class with confidence, new ideas, and revisions. They can compare their work with the help of unlimited resources on the web.

Personalization Students can now learn at their own pace, watching a video as a part of the lesson plan gets easier as every individual in the classroom will have a control over the video, in regards to time, controlling options like volume, fast forward and rewind, pause etc. Assignment Teachers can now find all the assignments in a single platform, carrying student assessment papers homes or storing in school cupboards is no more necessary. There is no question of misplacing studentsassignments Going paperless in classrooms offers students an interactive, fun filled learning platform. A paperless classroom is the future of education.

Children have demonstrated improved learning skills with technology supported by gadgets such as a tablet, mobile devices, laptops etc. Paperless classroom strengthens practical skills, self-learning, and problem-based learning skills. An education system based on the technology will virtually have no limitations. The future of academia thoroughly belongs to digital learning technology.


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