Top 5 ways children & Parents learn

Posted : 06-Aug-2017

Successful models of learning begin at home, children receive their initial learning experiences from parents. It is often that parents do not understand the importance of “learning together”. Parents’ involvement and support to children’s learning at home makes a huge difference in setting a long term academic goal. Five effective ways you can help children to learn at home


Questions to stir the mind: Don’t just ask a question that ends in a YES or NO, but instead put questions that focus on: What, Why, When, Who or How this ranges will open up discussions and allow the children to think and an opportunity to speak out their mind.


Encourage children to teach: Encourage children to explain or teach a concept. Set up few suitable learning scenarios and ask them to teach. The best audience would be the younger sibling or a grandparent. This exercise is one of the best way to develop good presentation skills and acts as a great motivator too!


Learning from mistakes: Do not be harsh on the mistakes children commits during the learning process as they can develop a fear attempting new things or pushing themselves leading to a break down in self-confidence. On the contrary, showing them that you too get wrong sometimes will help them to understand that’s it ok to fail at times. Practically, most of us learn from our failures.


Constructive and specific appreciations: Praises are always motivational. Praise children often, but remember, try to be specific when praising children. “Wow, that’s amazing!” is not specific so does not work out to be useful for your child. Try to say why you are praising something and what it is that they did well. “Wow, I love the way you have solved the problem using your mathematical thinking!” that is more specific and measurable.


Make learning the fun element: Engage yourself to show them that you love to learn, especially that you enjoy learning with them. Get into some learning activities and do it together. Your children will find the interest to learn on their own too. You can try some fun learning apps.


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